Die Lernakademie Darmstadt bietet Deutschkurse für Deutsch als Fremdsprache an. ------- The Lernakademie Darmstadt offers German courses for German as a foreign language. -------------------------------- La Lernakademie Darmstadt offre des cours pour apprendre l'allemand en tant que langue étrangère.
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Successful learning of German as a foreign language


Lernakademie Darmstadt offers courses in German as a foreign language at various knowledge levels and at two different levels of intensity.

For those who want to learn German intensively in a short period of time we offer intensive courses in the morning and in the afternoon. Here you can read , write, speak and practise German in 4-5 lessons a day from Monday till Friday. Those courses are tailored for people who seek to learn German intensively and effectively for professional and/or personal reasons. These courses are especially offered for students who want to pass the certificate telc C1 Hochschule.

The evening courses are intended for people who wish to either begin learning German or to improve their current understanding of German, but at a lesser level of intensity than that of the morning courses. In the conversation course you will gain full confidence in your use of the German language.

The individual courses and the small group courses are for people who, out of professional and/or private reasons, want to learn German at their own pace and according to their own time schedule. These courses offer maximum flexibility, and provide you the ability to freely coordinate the content of the lessons with the school management or the individual teacher. We are happy to accommodate you as required.

If you have reviewed the different types of courses and the dates and fees, the next step is to pass the classification test, register online for an intensive course or you can contact us.


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