Registration for intensive course

If you need a visa for your language course in Germany,

  • You will get all the necessary information from the embassy or the consulate in your country. You can visit the following link to get more information:
  • Please register early enough before the course starts due to the time a visa application needs. It can take up to three months to get a visa.
  • If you have registered at our school you will get the acknowledgement of the registration and the bill by mail, fax or email (depending on your wishes). You will find all the necessary information that you need for the payment on the bill.
  • After that please pay the bill by bank transfer.
  • After the receipt of your course fees you will be immediately sent a registration and a receipt of the German course fees.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The acknowledgement of your registration is not enough to get a visa. For the visa application you need  both a registration and a receipt of the German course fees. Both can be issued by the Lernakademie Darmstadt if we have received the course fees.

If you do not get a visa, please send us a written cancellation and the copy of the rejection of the embassy / consulate, that we should receive at the latest one week before the course is supposed to start. It is only then that we can pay back the course fees (except the bank charges and an inscription fee of 40,00 EUR).

If you do not need a visa for Germany,

  •  register at least three to four weeks in advance for the course you wish.
  • After the receipt of our confirmation of registration please transfer the complete course fees on our bank account.
  • The place can only be reserved if we have received the course fees on time.


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    Elementary Course I / A1 (8 weeks; 200 units)Elementary Course II / A2 (8 weeks; 200 units)Elementary Course III / B1 (8 weeks; 200 units)Intermediate Level Course / B2 (8 weeks; 160 units)Advanced Course / C1 (8 weeks; 160 units)

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    Groups of 12 - 22 students (A1 - B1) / 12 - 17 students (B2 - C1)

    After the receipt of the confirmation of participation you have to pay the inscription fee of 15,00 EUR / (40,00 EUR from abroad) and the fees for the course. Without the payment of both amounts the registration loses its validity.

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