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Deutschkurse in Darmstadt
The headmistress

The headmistress and managing director of LernAkademie Darmstadt is Birgit Schneider-Weiffenbach, a teacher with a Master of Arts degree and more than twenty years of teaching experience. She has worked extensively in public schools, teaching both children and young adults. Birgit ascribes great importance to giving advice specific to the student, and she ensures that each student receives the personalized support that he or she needs.


Our teachers have earned academic degrees in education/languages and have specialized knowledge in teaching German as a foreign language. They are earnestly engaged in the learning of students, and are truly committed to seeing their students succeed. They regularly develop tests to guide the progress of the students and push them in their learning. Our teachers are continually taking part in training courses to enhance their own educational know-how.

Lernakademie Darmstadt