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Intensive courses in the morning and in the afternoon

German as a foreign language  Intensive courses in the morning and in the afternoon You learn in groups of 12...

Courses in the evening

Elementary level Half-intensive courses You learn in groups of 12 - 22 students. You will have 12 units a week...

Individual Courses

Individual Courses One-on-one teaching, small groups, courses for firms We offer some completely personalized options like one-on-one teaching, courses in...


Course dates

Current courses and dates

A1 – B1 Intensive Morning and Afternoon Courses “German as a Foreign Language”

13.03.2023 - 11.04.2023A1.2, A2.2, B1.2
13.03.2023 - 11.04.2023A2.1 (Only in the afternoon)
12.04.2023 - 10.05.2023A1.1, A2.1, B1.1
12.04.2023 - 10.05.2023A2.2 (Only in the afternoon)
11.05.2023 - 14.06.2023A1.2, A2.2, B1.2
11.05.2023 - 14.06.2023B1.1 (Only in the afternoon)
19.06.2023 - 14.07.2023A1.1, A2.1, B1.1
19.06.2023 - 14.07.2023B1.2 (Only in the afternoon)
17.07.2023 - 08.09.2023A1.2, A2.2, B1.2
11.09.2023 - 10.10.2023A1.1, A2.1, B1.1
11.10.2023 - 07.11.2023A1.2, A2.2, B1.2
08.11.2023 - 05.12.2023A1.1, A2.1, B1.1

B2 Intensive Course “German as a Foreign Language” in the morning

B2: 28.11.2022 - 10.02.20238 weeks
B2: 27.02.2023 - 05.05.20238 weeks
B2: 11.09.2023 - 03.11.2023 (in planning)8 weeks
Deutschkurse in Darmstadt


Latest news and announcements

We are sorry but our A1-evening classes are fully booked within the first half-year. Only from June on it is possible to make a registration for the evening classes starting from September 2023. Thank you for your understanding.


On September 11, 2023 we will start three new A1-intensive courses / integration courses.  They take place Monday to Friday…


On September 11, 2023 we start our next B2-intensive class. This course takes place in our institute Monday, Tuesday, Thursday…

Deutschkurse in Darmstadt


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    Deutschkurse in Darmstadt

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