Intensive courses in the morning and in the afternoon

German as a foreign language

 Intensive courses in the morning and in the afternoon

  • You learn in groups of 12 – 22 students (A1 -B1).
  • You learn in groups of 12 – 17 students (B2 -C1).
  • Each day you will have 4-5 units (each of 45 minutes).
  • You will study German intensively and will learn the language in a short time.
  • In the shortest time possible you will be prepared to pass the telc C1 Hochschule exam.
  • We offer you a free, non-binding classification test.
  • At the end of each course you will pass an exam.

Elementary Course

Elementary Course I / A1 /
Module 1 and 2 (8 weeks)
200 units

Elementary Course II / A2 /
Module 3 and 4 (8 weeks)
200 units

Elementary Course III / B1 /
Module 5 und 6 (8 weeks)
200 units / *  B1 Exam (Deutsch Test für Zuwanderer)

Intermediate Level Course

Intermediate Level Course / B2
(8 weeks) 160 units
Intermediate Exam

Advanced Course

Advanced level Course / C1 / telc C1 Hochschule preparation course
(8 weeks) 160 units

Elementary Course I / A1

At the end of the course you can:

Understand and use familiar, daily expressions and simple sentences
Introduce yourself. Ask questions concerning yourself and answer them
Get along with German in familiar situations. Describe by simple means your own origin, education, neighborhood, and daily routine.

Elementary Course II / A2

At the end of the course you can:

Follow simple conversations in standard German about familiar things (such as your work, school, or free time activities). Discuss shopping and your daily activities. Cope with most daily situations and talk coherently about familiar subjects such as your family, hobbies and job.

Elementary Course III / B1

At the end of the course you can:

Report about experiences and events and give reasons for your opinions and views. Communicate very spontaneously concerning your private and professional activities, so that a normal conversation with a native German speaker is possible. Write detailed texts on a variety of subjects, as well as personal and formal letters.

Intermediate Level Course / B2

At the end of the course you can:

Follow longer speeches and complex arguments in standard German. Follow much of what you see on television. Express yourself spontaneously and without any effort, so that you may use German fluently in your social and professional life. Write essays and texts about complicated facts while choosing the style appropriate to the reader (your written German is near fluent).

Advanced Course / C1

At the end of the course you can:

Follow longer speeches and conversations concerning complicated topics. Understand complex literary texts and technical articles. Take part – without any effort – in all conversations and discussions and you are familiar with colloquial and idiomatic German. Precisely and appropriately use the German language, both written and orally, in all private and professional situations.


Now you are fully prepared to both the German exam telc C1 Hochschule or your job in Germany.

  • You may start in any of the five class levels offered, depending upon your preexisting knowledge of the German language
  • We can test your knowledge of German without any obligations or costs from you
  • You may take this test personally at our institute



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